Learn How Dogs Can Help ADDYTeens!
Dogs can give those struggling with ADD/ADHD a way to create healthy and important habits, an outlet to burn off energy, provide a nonjudgmental companion and give opportunity to be more social.
10 Common Challenges and Best Practices for Teaching Students With ADHD
How real teachers and their students have found success in the classroom.
There are an estimated 6.4 million American children between the ages of four and 17 who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Additionally, nearly 4.4 percent of adults living in the United States are either living with or experiencing symptoms of ADHD. There have been several studies that suggest there is a direct link between having ADHD and falling victim to substance use disorder (SUD).
Help Your Teen Navigate ADHD On His Own Terms
How can parents best help treat their ADHD teens? On diagnosing and treatment for ADD/ADHD teen behavior challenges and symptoms.
8 ADHD Resources for Parents and Children
Whether you or your child need help with their ADHD, you must find ways to cope with and successfully manage these symptoms. There is much more information about the disorder than in the past and many more resources available for information.
ADDYTeen helping others- To Save a Life
A great source for teens to learn about life and overcoming challenges!
Grace Friedman Interviewed by ADDitude Magazine
AddyTeen is featured here in the winter edition of ADDitude Magazine, see link for article.
ADDYTeen Featured in Attention Magazine by Chadd.ORG
Read my article for CHADD.ORG for ADDYTeens who need support and encouragement.
A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D. ?
Read this article written by esteemed scientist, Dr. Richard Friedman (no relation), who points out the scientific principles which explain the core message of my guide - Embracing Your ADHD: "Manage your ADHD or it may manage you!" Dr. Friedman says that changing the conditions of your work environment, finding new ways to engage with your work, and embracing those attributes of your "unique brain" can be the best way to adapt to your ADHD and thrive.
Few kids receive psychotherapy along with medication for ADHD, study finds
When I'm interviewed or talking about ADHD I always say that medication alone is not sufficient to treat ADHD, other behaviors need to be learned to thrive with your ADHD! Here is a study by the RAND Corporation which echos this point. About one quarter of commercially-insured children who are treated with medication for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder also receive psychotherapy, and the percentage is far lower in many parts of the country.