Summer Sessions

for Middle and High School Students

Is your child frustrated, unhappy or withdrawn because of their ADHD?
Are you frustrated trying to help them gain social and academic confidence?
Why not use their summer break to help them learn how to Embrace their ADHD?

Sign  up for an individual or group mentoring session with Grace Friedman, the leading teen expert on coping skills for youth with ADHD, author, blogger, writer of ‘Embracing Your ADHD’.  Your child will learn easy techniques and approaches they can apply in their everyday life to better manage and thrive with their ADHD.

Sessions are 6 weeks spanning from June to July, 2016 and can be held in the San Francisco Bay Area (SF, South Bay and East Bay).  Groups can be up to 4 youths and they can be matched with schoolmates or by age.   Group Sessions are 90 minutes and Private Sessions are 1 hour in length.  Each session will focus on a skill, behavior or topic that will help your child learn to better manage, adapt and be successful with their ADHD.

Topics to include:

  1. Self and Peer Acceptance
  2. Successful approaches to homework
  3. How to talk with your teacher
  4. Strategies for preparing for and taking tests
  5. Reducing  performance anxiety
  6. Recognizing and controlling emotions
  7. How to maintain your focus

While each session will have a central topic, Grace will also answer questions and facilitate discussion between the youth participants.  She is comfortable with this age group and topic and has lots of resources and ideas to share.

Session Fees:

  • 6 week group session = $130       
  • 6 week individual sessions - $200  (in person or via skype)

Contact Grace below to sign up for these summer sessions.