According to the CDC, more than 6 million American kids have been diagnosed with ADHD.  The annual rate of growth of ADHD diagnosis continues to increase and has exceeded 10%.  A great percentage of these 6 million are teens with ADHD - just like me.   We "ADDYTeens" are a part of a large community, but we do not have the help and support we need to learn to manage and adapt to our condition.  

ADHD has become a national challenge.  Sadly, most health insurance only covers basic medication and professional therapy is often financially out of reach for a majority of ADDYTeens in the U.S.A.   Experts agree that medication alone is not sufficient to help most ADDYTeens cope with their daily ADHD-related emotional, organizational, educational, and social challenges.   It is a shame that so many ADDYTeens feel isolated and left to their own devices to figure out how to survive and thrive with ADHD. 

For this reason, and many others, I authored my guide - Embracing Your ADHD - which offers teen-friendly and highly practical advice about thriving in school and in life despite our ADHD.  Reading Embracing your ADHD is a great first step for ADDYTeens to feel less isolated and more communicative about their experiences with ADHD.   Just click on the image to the right to start the download.  Embracing Your ADHD is totally free to your family, friends and schoolmates.  

"Grace Friedman 'tells it like it is' to be a teen with ADHD.  "Embracing Your ADHD" is at once emotion-laden, with no punches are pulled about the difficulties ADHD can cause, and no-nonsense, as Grace shares realistic and practical tips and strategies.  Families, peers, medications, self-doubts, and hidden strengths: nothing is off-limits in this readable, compelling, and ultimately optimistic and inspiring account.  Highly recommended! " Stephen P. Hinshaw Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley  Vice-Chair for Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, UC San Francisco

"Grace Friedman has created an incredible road map for teens struggling with ADHD. Embracing Your ADHD should be a must read for all teens who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Ms. Friedman has pulled from her own experiences as a teen with ADHD, as well as the voices of others and the latest research. She provides a gift to her readers full of incredibly helpful information regarding what is ADHD, how it affects teens, tools and strategies to manage it's impact, and a way to re-frame the label in the most de-stigmatizing way possible. Teens reading this will be left with the feeling that they are not alone, that they can learn ways to lessen the impact that their ADHD has on them and to recognize their own tremendous strengths and gifts. They will also be inspired! Family members, friends, teachers, therapists and physicians can utilize this resource to understand ADHD better and to learn ways to support teens with ADHD more effectively. A thank you to Ms. Friedman for providing her voice, experience and wisdom as a teen who has struggled and thrived with ADHD. "  Karen Zeltzer, LCSW, RAS Lecturer at California State University's Master of Social Work Department; Mother of a Pre-Teen with ADHD
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