Endorsements for Embracing Your ADHD

Dr. Stephen P. Hinshaw, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley
Vice-Chair for Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, UC San Francisco, CA
"Grace Friedman 'tells it like it is' to be a teen with ADHD.  "Embracing Your ADHD" is at once emotion-laden, with no punches are pulled about the difficulties ADHD can cause, and no-nonsense, as Grace shares realistic and practical tips and strategies.  Families, peers, medications, self-doubts, and hidden strengths: nothing is off-limits in this readable, compelling, and ultimately optimistic and inspiring account.  Highly recommended! "


Dr. Melanie Georgalas, M.D., Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics
Pedi-Care | 25 Constitution Blvd S, Shelton, CT 06484

"Grace Friedman's guide is perfect for teens diagnosed with ADHD.  She has written a clear, concise guide that offers tips and strategies for conquering the challenges experienced by teens with ADHD.  She touches on all aspects in an engaging and optimistic manner using language that speaks directly to teenagers.   I feel patients and their parents can benefit from reading this guide.  As a pediatrician I highly recommend this guide to my teen and preteen patients with ADHD."


Penny Williams,  Author, “Boy Without Instructions: Surviving the Learning Curve of Parenting a Child with ADHD”

"Grace Friedman is an inspiration to individuals with ADHD everywhere. By taking charge of her ADHD, especially at a young age, Friedman inspires others to live fully, despite challenges. She is a voice and safe harbor for teens with ADHD. Watch this girl – she’s going places."


Sharon Stafanson, PsyD,  Clinical Director
The Healthy Teen Project | 919 Fremont Avenue Los Altos, CA 94024

"Embracing Your ADHD" is an upbeat and accessible guide written for teens by a teen who has survived and triumphed over her struggles with ADHD.  Grace Friedman offers practical tips and strategies that both demystify the process and offer hope and inspirations for those seeking to overcome the unique challenges associated with an ADHD diagnosis.  This guide is a "must read" for anyone whose life has been affected by ADHD!"



Karen Zeltzer, LCSW, RAS
California State University | Hayward, CA

"Grace Friedman has created an incredible road map for teens struggling with ADHD. Embracing Your ADHD should be a must read for all teens who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Ms. Friedman has pulled from her own experiences as a teen with ADHD, as well as the voices of others and the latest research. She provides a gift to her readers full of incredibly helpful information regarding what is ADHD, how it affects teens, tools and strategies to manage it's impact, and a way to re-frame the label in the most de-stigmatizing way possible. Teens reading this will be left with the feeling that they are not alone, that they can learn ways to lessen the impact that their ADHD has on them and to recognize their own tremendous strengths and gifts. They will also be inspired! Family members, friends, teachers, therapists and physicians can utilize this resource to understand ADHD better and to learn ways to support teens with ADHD more effectively. A thank you to Ms. Friedman for providing her voice, experience and wisdom as a teen who has struggled and thrived with ADHD."


Elizabeth Milnes, Psy.D.  Executive Director Psychological Services Center
Alliant International University | 1440 Broadway, #610 Oakland, CA 94612

"A guide to dealing with ADHD from an adolescent who actually knows!  The insights offered demonstrate a high level of resiliency and determination.  The practical tips are useful for people of any age.  Grace's presentation of her struggles and her coping skills should encourage and empower many other adolescents.  We have shared this website with our supervisors and trainees as a resource to be used in working with many of our clients.  Thank you for this significant addition to resources needed for people struggling with ADHD."



Carrie Green-Zinn, M.A. School Psychologist
Alameda Unified School District, Alameda CA

"I highly recommend 'Embracing your ADHD' a guide for teens with ADHD. Grace Friedman speaks openly about her process as a teenager being diagnosed with ADHD, being treated for the condition, and bravely “embracing” what this means for her life as a young adult. She is candid, clear, warm, and organized in her approach. She offers input from peers, professionals, and meaningful insights into what the process has been for herself and others like her. She is both honest and enthusiastic. I will offer this to both students and families who are trying to navigate the world of school, friendships, and feelings with the challenges of ADHD. Bravo Grace! "